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More eager than ever to live and work abroad

Areas of Emphasis: Organizational/Interpersonal Communication

Having always been obsessed with British culture (and British accents), it was Samantha’s dream to live and work in London. So she decided the spend her third and final co-op with BritishAmerican Business as an Events & Marketing Assistant – the perfect opportunity to try something new and finally experience the UK.

After taking Introduction to Professional Development – a special course for Comm Studies majors that helped Samantha improve her interview skills, develop a compelling cover letter, and learn professional etiquette, she met with the Global Experience Office for logistical assistance with her big move abroad.

BritishAmerican Business hosts a variety of networking events for major companies doing business in the UK and the US. Once on the ground, Samantha organized weekly events, including Exclusive CEO Roundtables and the Summer Networking Drinks at a rooftop bar overlooking St. Paul’s Cathedral.

“The most exciting part of my co-op experience was actually attending the events! The most memorable was the Gala Dinner, held at Lancaster House right in Green Park, only a few steps away from Buckingham Palace. The black-tie event was an extremely elegant affair (there was a harpist and tons of champagne!) and included some very prominent guests, including the UK Foreign Secretary and the US Ambassador to the UK.”

This co-op helped Samantha realize that she enjoyed working abroad and could do so successfully, opening her eyes to future job prospects outside of the US.

“I would love to have a career to that would allow me to travel the world, especially if it meant I would go back to London.”

Learn more about Samantha’s career on LinkedIn.