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Danae Bucci.

Northeastern University School of Journalism student Danae Bucci, who spent last summer working at the Pulitzer Prize-Winning Colorado Springs Gazette as the Dow Jones News Fund (DJNF) Digital Media Intern, is now pursuing her next professional adventure in Washington D.C. She is currently working at NBC News as a Meet the Press Intern, a position she started in September. So far, it has been a valuable opportunity to help conduct research, contribute to social media, work on podcasting for the show, and more.

Meet the Press, which is the longest running show on television, is unique in that is has a daily program, but the main show is on Sundays; it is America’s most-watched Sunday morning public affairs broadcast. This schedule and national clout make working for the show especially fast-paced and exciting.

“My roles vary day to day, but I typically help with research for the guests who will be appearing on the show. The research packets are often over 50 pages long, so they’re very time intensive. I also get to help with social media and podcasting,” said Danae.

At the Colorado Springs Gazette this past summer, Danae was able to help with podcasting and video editing as well as strengthen her writing skills. The experience she gained there has helped position her for success in her new role.

“With those skills to back me up, I felt more than comfortable approaching people to ask to help with the production of the podcast and assist in research packets,” she said. “I have even been able to be the lead in conducting one of the packets and producing and posting the podcast this semester!”

Of course, Washington D.C. has also proven to be the perfect backdrop for an aspiring journalist like Danae, who has always had an interest in politics.

“Getting to be at the center of it all working for the best Sunday political commentary shows around has been an amazing experience,” she concluded. “The people I’ve been able to meet while I’ve been here has made me feel more confident about going into this field.”