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In a year that is anything but traditional, Department of Art + Design faculty are diligently working to create meaningful experiences for their students. 

When the Covid-19 pandemic forced schools around the country to close in 2020, Art + Design Professor Sophia Ainslie took a leadership role in creating an online Senior Show where graduating seniors’ work could be celebrated, despite the uncertainty of the pandemic. Seniors submitted work to the exhibition committee and Professor Ainslie then collaborated with Sokhean Jonathan Ouk and Hyacinthe Joassainte to determine the best platform to showcase the content, build the website and manage the design. The exhibition committee worked together as a team to ensure the best product for the Northeastern community.  

Giving the students an opportunity to show their work is paramount, and in a year where students were primarily virtual it was critical for their work to be seen in a comprehensive, well-executed show,” explained Ainslie. “It would not have been possible without Sokhean Jonathan Ouk (Temp Academic Support, Media Studio) and Hyacinthe Joassainte (Production Manager for the College of Arts, Media and Design). Without their expertise and generosity of time, their patience and support, none of this would have come into being,” added Ainslie. 

This year the exhibition committee consisted again of Douglass Scott, John Kane, Julia Hechtman, Chris Franson and Sophia Ainslie. Alejandro Curiel Brizuela redesigned the website and uploaded the work of the 2021 graduating seniors. 

Being a part of this year’s Senior Show is truly an honor. I’ve been making art throughout my whole time at Northeastern, but as an artist pursuing an Entrepreneurship degree, it is easy to feel a sense of imposter syndrome. I picked up an Art minor in my third year, so being recognized by CAMD is a great sense of validation to finish off my college experience. I feel proud to have the work that I’ve been pouring myself into over the past few years recognized by my community, especially since I took a less traditional route to get here.” – Clay Devlin

“The senior show is the culmination of my artistic journey at Northeastern.  It’s a chance for my mentors and peers to see the progression of my skills as an artist and storyteller.  My capstone was an exciting opportunity to create a piece that illustrates my mind, and I couldn’t have been happier to create it alongside my beloved father, whose goofy and loving demeanor resides in everything I create.” – Beatrice Tolan

Congratulations to the graduating seniors featured in the 2021 Senior Show and the faculty that worked tirelessly to create the online gallery. To view the Art + Design Senior Show, please click here.