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Faculty Member Bill Lancaster (left) and Entertainment Industry Panel

CAMD’s Department of Communication Studies recently hosted a panel discussion on the future of television shows, featuring industry professionals from various sides of the entertainment field. The guests were Erik Korsh, Director of Mashable Studios; Attorney Matt Valentinas, who represents authors, screenwriters, directors, and producers; Mark Saraceni, Golden Globe winning television writer; and Ashley Dawkins, Head of Entertainment at Reddit. Each panelist spoke about their responsibilities within the field and showed the audience video examples of projects they produced, or were a part of in some way. At the end of the panel discussion, which was moderated by Bill Lancaster, Senior Lecturer in CAMD and experienced film professional, students had the opportunity to ask questions and talk one-on-one with the guests.

There were a few main themes that came to light during the panel, including the different possibilities and opportunities within the industry and how to think outside the box, where the entertainment industry is headed over the next few years, and how to get started in the industry. It was also valuable for the students who attended to hear some useful interviewing tips and the type of candidates entertainment companies are looking to hire.

Full house at the discussion.

“A major takeaway for me was to anticipate changes in the way content is going to be created, produced, and distributed and learn to adapt. The entertainment industry is rapidly changing with the influx of new technology,” explained CAMD student Emily Pagliaroli, who is studying Communications and Media. “The topics discussed in the panel further emphasized what I have been learning in and out of the classroom throughout my experience at Northeastern. The courses I have taken and co-ops I have completed have taught me the skills I need to enter this changing field after graduation. The panel offered more ways and advice on how to further my entry into the entertainment industry.”

For fifth year students like Emily, who are winding down their careers as students and heading toward their next adventure, the panel was especially helpful in providing some first-hand knowledge about the industry they are about to enter.

Students listening intently. 

“After seeing where the industry is headed over my last three co-ops, it was great to be in a setting with four successful professionals and have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with them,” Emily concluded.

Thank you Erik Korsh, Matt Valentinas, Mark Saraceni, and Ashley Dawkins for joining us!