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Dylan Morris Steinberg.

Dylan Morris Steinberg, who is earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Design, has been working on a series of artworks that are now on display in an online interactive gallery. The digital exhibition, Done Talking, is the culmination of a year-long collaboration with Marc Craig, a London-based artist who works primarily with large scale murals. The pair met by chance while working at a summer camp, where Marc Craig was serving as an instructor, and their art styles fused perfectly.

Done Talking, which was originally meant to be shown in a gallery in London, showcases ten collaboration pieces and nine of Dylan’s original pieces.

“As the name suggests, we are letting the work speak for itself,” Dylan explained. “The work revolves around situations in my life of what could have been said or done in the moment but wasn’t. Not only was it fun but I learned so much from this creative process. I continue my journey on my work with text and hope to share more in the future.”

The art is on display through October 11. Congratulations to Northeastern student Dylan Morris Steinberg on this work, and please check it out here.