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The annual Senior Show for the Department of Art + Design recently opened its door to Northeastern students, faculty and staff in Gallery 360 in the Curry Student Center. The show features a variety of design, photography, board books, stamps, animation and sculpture content and will be available for viewing until May 8, 2021.

Graduating Art and Design students were encouraged to submit a maximum of three of their favorite pieces of any medium to be included in the show. A faculty committee of five members with extensive knowledge in all of the disciplines featured in the show curated the work. Curator and Graphic Design Lecturer John Kane is proud that in his ten years with the Senior Show the committee decisions have always been made unanimously and that all the content has equal weight.

Current Gallery 360 co-op Alex Eubanks noted that with the help and support of the curators and students the Senior Show was up and running within two days.

“Every detail counts,” said Kane, referring to the Senior Show. Professor Kane also shared insights into design and the perception around it. “The purpose of design is to solve problems sufficiently and to easily persuade, educate and inform,” Kane added.

The biggest challenge with regards to the show was the pandemic. All of the work was submitted online and each student was responsible for printing their own content. The curators and Art + Design staff are currently working on a comprehensive website that will include all of the student work for those unable to view the show in person.

One of the featured pieces in the Senior Show is “As the Years Pass On,” completed by graduating senior Rachel Berkowitz. “As the Years Pass On” is a series of twelve images that highlight objects from her childhood. Growing up, Rachel loved collecting everything from party beads, a corsage, newspaper clippings, programs, and the list goes on. Every year her parents would provide her a shoebox where she could store important artifacts from that year. Whatever did not fit in the shoebox was thrown out. These shoeboxes came in handy when she started this project three years ago.

“It took me a decade, but I finally understand why I kept these items and how they work together to create new stories,” explained Rachel. The series incorporates a combination of digital and film images all printed on thick foam. “Who knows, maybe I could recreate this same project in ten years!” added Rachel.

Rachel Berkowitz next to “As the Years Pass On” in Gallery360.

“Everybody in here deserves to be celebrated,” concluded Kane. While the Senior Show may look a bit different this year, the passion and vision of both students and curators is clear from the moment you enter Gallery 360. For more information about the Senior Show please click here.