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Congratulations to the team behind eBee for having their game named the Most Innovative Tabletop Game at the Boston Festival of Indie Games (BFIG) showcase! eBee, created by a group of Northeastern students and faculty, is an electronics quilting game that merges the social contexts of quilting bees and board games, the strategic and systems thinking of gaming and electronics, and the tangible nature of electronics and quilting. eBee was chosen for the Most Innovative award because it does something different from other established board games, using new components in unique ways. The game is also educational, providing more to players than just innovation.

The eBee team consists of Celia Pearce, Associate Professor of Game Design; Gillian Smith, Assistant Professor of Game Design and Computer Science; Isabella Carlsson, undergraduate student; and Jeanie Choi, game designer and master’s student. The team envisions a future in which families, friends, and communities collaborate to build and play their game, and learn about electronics along the way. For more about how to play eBee, click here.


“This is an incredible honor, and we thank the festival committee for their support,” said the eBee team. “To our fans who came to BFIG to see us, and to our new fans we made there, we hope to see you all again soon!”

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