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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accompanied on stage by Senator Cory Booker and former Secretary of State Madelaine Albright. Photo by Sohali Sutaria.

On to New Hampshire

Students from Professor Jonathan Kaufman’s Covering the Campaign 2016 class blanketed New Hampshire last weekend, interviewing voters, shooting video and photos and reporting on most of the frontrunners. They covered a Bernie Sanders rally and Hillary Clinton town hall on Saturday. On Sunday morning, students headed two hours north to Plymouth, New Hampshire to hear Donald Trump and interview voters at his rally. Then, they ended the day crammed into an indoor sports arena in Manchester to hear Marco Rubio speak. In late January, students travelled to New Hampshire to attend a Kasich rally and met and interviewed the candidate.

“I am not sure who is going to win,” said one exhausted student as the group headed back to campus, “but I think there is a good chance I just saw the next President of the United States.”

Student Perspectives

Here are some articles that students wrote with their analysis of the New Hampshire Primaries:

A Polarizing Candidate Draws Polarized Crowds By James Duffy

Hillary v. Bernie- The Millennial Factor By Katharine Thibodeau

Students drawn to Bernie’s financial stance, by Lauren Smith 2016 The Year Of A Third Party Candidate? by David Harbeck

Kasich & New Hampshire- The Push to the Middle, by Michael Stackrow

Students drawn to Bernie’s financial stance,” by Lauren Smith

“Some Issues Trump the Others” by Alex Hammer

“New Hampshire’s enthusiasm for Sanders outshines support for Clinton” by Taylor Frey

“Meeting the Other Side: Who Are Trump’s Supporters and Why We May Have It Wrong”
by Loris Boichot and Clemence Boullanger

“Can Hillary Court Sanders’ Coalition of Young Voters?” by Tracy Walker

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