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Draw, paint or design at Department Art + Design this fall.

ARTE 3901.02 – Special Topics: The Graphic Novel
CRN 18130 – Mon/Thurs 11:45 – 1:25 PM
Professor Hillary Chute

Explores the word-and-image relationship in a narrative form.  Students learn how to read comics—and what they teach us about reading—in addition to the creative practices that go into making them.  Students will examine antecedents including “engraved novels,” newspaper comic strips, “wordless novels,” underground comic books, and punk fanzines to understand the graphic novel’s rise in the 1970s, in addition to exploring current directions in production.  Authors include Art Spiegelman, Alison Bechdel, Chris Ware, Joe Sacco, Lynda Barry, Gary Panter, Phoebe Gloeckner, Keiji Nakazawa, and Marjane Satrapi, among others.  Will include visits from artists to discuss the craft of this verbal-visual form.

ARTE 3901.03 Special Topics: The Science of Art,The Art of Science
CRN 18089
Dr. Cammy Brothers
Monday/Thursday, 11:45-1:25 PM

ARTE 3902.01 Recitation for ARTE 3901   |   CRN – 18284
ARTE 3902.02 Recitation for ARTE 3901   |   CRN – 18286
ARTE 3902.03 Recitation for ARTE 3901   |   CRN – 18287
ARTE 3902.04 Recitation for ARTE 3901   |   CRN – 18285
Science and art were in constant dialogue in Renaissance Italy, and this course explores their intersection in relation to the broad themes of observation and invention. Topics include engineering, anatomy, botany, zoology, cartography, perspective and ecology. Students will hone their skills of observation through writing and drawing, focused around weekly visits to the Museum of Fine Arts
to study original works of art. No pre-requisites – open to all!

ARTF 1140 – Understanding Art
CRN 11473 Mon/Thurs 11:45 -1:25PM
Explore Boston’s world-class museums and get to know the major themes and ideas that have inspired artists past and present.

ARTF 1120 – Observational Drawing  
CRN 10537 – Tues 6-9:30 PM
CRN 10512 – Thurs 8-11:30 PM
CRN 10106 – Fri 8-11:30 AM
CRN 16223 -Tues 1:35-5:05PM
Explore a wide range of material as you build skill in representing objects, spaces, and the human figure through freehand drawing.

ARTF1122 – 2D Fundamentals  
Build your visual vocabulary and design sensibility! Understand and apply the elements and principles that underpin all forms of visual communication and expression.

Concurrent enrollment required in 2D Tools.

CRN 10536 – Mon 8-11:30 AM      |   CRN 10270 – Mon 1:35-5:05 PM (Sophia Ainslie)
CRN 10535 – Mon 8-11:30 AM      |   CRN 14255 – Tues 8-11:30 AM (Sophia Ainslie)
CRN 12071 – Mon 1:35-5:05 PM   |   CRN 14624 – Wed 8-11:30 AM (Jamal Thorne)
CRN 15207 – Wed 6-9:30 PM        |   CRN 15667 – Thurs 6-9:30 PM (Jamal Thorne)
CRN 15266 – Thurs 8-11:30 AM    |  CRN 16747 – Fri 8-11:30

ARTF 1124 – 3D Fundamentals  
CRN 10500 – Wed 8-11:30 AM (Ben Caras)
CRN 10529 – Wed 1:35-5:05 PM  (Ben Caras)
CRN 10853 – Thurs 1:35-5:05 PM (Ed Andrews)
CRN 11764 – Thurs 6-9:30 PM  (Ben Caras)
Concurrent enrollment required in 3D Tools.
Be a maker! Learn to construct models and prototypes of three-dimensional objects in CAMD’s sophisticated MakerSpace.

ARTE 3901 – ST: Physical Design
CRN 17999 – Fri 11:45-3:15
Professor Janos Stone
Work with a variety of tools, materials and techniques to build prototypes using an iterative, reflective and critical design process.  Prereq 3D Fundamentals or permission of instructor.

ARTG 3250 Physical Computing
CRN 18003 – Fri 11:45-3:15
Professor Mark Sivak
Explores the communication between the physical world and the interactive, computer-based interface. Examines the potential of reactive analog and digital devices embedded within the physical realm.

ARTH 1100 – Interactive Media and Society
CRN 14892
Professory Russell Pensyl
Understand the past, present, and future of interactive media from analog to digital techniques and from physical to virtual spaces. Critically engage the social, ethical, and cultural impact of interactive media.

ARTH 1111 – Global Art and Design History: Renaissance to Modern  
CRN 10794 – Tues/Fri 1:35-3:25 PM
Professor Milda Richardson
Concurrent enrollment required in recitation
Understand the rise of modern societies through the interpretation of works of art and culture from the Renaissance to the Twentieth century. Examine relevant social issues through the critical lens of visual and historical analysis.

ARTH 2210 Modern Art History  
CRN 10004 – Mon/Thurs 11:45-AM – 1:25 PM
CRN 14392 – Tues/Fri 9:50 AM – 11:30 AM
Professor Milda Richardson
Understand how art made became modern, from the late 19th century through 1945. Course focuses on the historical, social and critical framework within which this rich variety of artistic movements evolved.

ARTD 2350 – Photo Basics for Non-Majors  

CRN 12215
CRN 12754
CRN 14511
CRN 14512
CRN 15155
Make stunning and expressive images – without opening Instagram! Learn to use manual camera controls and photographic software to create and edit your images.

ARTD 3840 Video: Sound & Image
CRN 16095
Professor David Tames
Enhance your video production skills exploring the dynamic relationship between sound and the moving image as you produce innovative videos with powerful visual imagery, complex editing rhythms, and creative sound design.

ARTS 2340 – Painting Basics  
CRN 10101 – Thur 1:35-5:05 PM (ProfessorMira Cantor)
CRN 16541 – Fri 1:35-5:05 PM
Learn to represent light, color, space, and form through a variety of painting techniques. Build fundamental skills toward individual creative expression.