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During Summer 2016, the university has been making an investment into Ruggles Studio to address ongoing water issues, increase equipment access and improve the overall environment.

For the past few months, a team that includes SOA faculty and Senior Facilities Personnel have met regularly to address these issues and draft a plan for changes and improvements in the studio. Below is a list of some of the items from that plan.

Water infiltration

A new 3’ wide gutter will run through the center of studio along the main beam to manage any water that may seep through the ceiling. In addition, there have been repairs to the bus ramp to help stem leaks at their entry point


New heating elements will be installed along the perimeter glazed wall to improve environment in the space Additional lighting will be installed in areas that have little to no light


All extraneous furniture and materials will be removed from the lobby area by the security desk and there will now be a swipe card entry system. The existing office space will be reconfigured to be incorporated into the studio space. This space will be utilized as the laser cutter room, with appropriate ventilation.


There will be an area adjacent to the restroom that will be a designated kichenette area. There will be a microwave and hot water access for student use


The laser cutters are being moved closer to the front of the studio to allow for better ventilation.
Two 3-D printers with computers will be also installed in Ruggles Studio