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Isabelle Hahn. Photo by Brandon Farrell.

Isabelle Hahn is a School of Journalism student who is passionate about digital and social media and content marketing. She holds an editor position for The Avenue Magazine, and has contributed to The Huntington News, Artistry Magazine, Reverberations Mag (Wentworth), Blacklist Journal (Brandeis University), and reported internationally on a Dialogue of Civilizations experience. Now, in her current role as Social Media Marketing Co-op at Hubspot, she is focusing on content ideation, creation, and utilizing data analytics to inform content decisions. Read more about her role, below!

Tell us more about your current role as Social Media Co-op at Hubspot.

My day-to-day changes a lot at HubSpot, which I love. Working in social media means that you’re always working in a fast-paced environment, and I really enjoy that. The fast pace also means that you’re also constantly learning, whether that be about your own social channels or about things going on in the industry and the world.

Every morning I have a few community management tasks to engage with our audience. I also have a set amount of time for brainstorming new content, since everyone on the team works together to ideate content for each channel. I also manage content tagging and look at insights from our data to see what kinds of content are performing the best.

The rest of the day is a mix of creating content, meetings and brainstorming. Right now I’m working on a few blog posts, and I’m really excited about those.

What’s it like working for such a well-known brand like Hubspot?

HubSpot is an amazing company to work for – but I didn’t realize how well-known the company was until I applied. I had used HubSpot at my previous co-op and loved the product, so its fun to be on the other side of that now. There are so many resources at HubSpot that continue to amaze me, and the culture is out of this world. Everyone is always willing to chat with you and help you learn. It’s an incredible environment to be in as a co-op.

Tell us about your previous co-op positions!

My first co-op was at Flocabulary, which is an education-technology company. At Flocab I was able to grow my appreciation and understanding of social, content, and digital marketing.

I moved to New York for my first co-op, which was a learning experience in itself. I was lucky enough to find an apartment with two of my best friends, and I could not have had a better time there. I really recommend relocating for co-op if you are given the chance to.

How did your classes prepare you for co-op?

I believe that my writing skills set my applications apart. In marketing, and especially in social media, you have to communicate quickly and effectively. You only have a certain amount of time and a certain amount of words you can use, so you have to choose them wisely. As a journalism major, that’s what I’ve been trained to do. I’m just applying it in a different way.

There are also a few specific classes that have really helped me on the content side of things. Being a strong editor is a must for blog writing and copy editing emails and testimonials. I’m able to put sound editing software on my resume because of a podcast class I took, and that’s always a huge hit in interviews. For HubSpot, my interest in infographics that I took from my Visual Journalism class really stood out to my boss.

You also have lots of extracurricular / student activities – tell us about what you’re involved in here on campus!

I’ve always been a story teller, that’s the common thread in everything I do. I’ve always loved writing and performing, and find myself constantly doing both. I auditioned for an a cappella group my freshman year, and found myself as the president of the group the next semester. We went through a huge growth period, and even though I’m not in the group any more – I’m so proud to see what they’ve accomplished.

Last semester I wanted to do something new on campus, so I auditioned for the theater department and was lucky enough to be cast in Everyman, which was an amazing opportunity. I really wanted to continue being involved with theater at Northeastern, so I auditioned again this semester and am now in a show while I’m on co-op. It’s a bit of a balancing act, but it’s also exciting.

I’ve also been involved with multiple publications on campus. I’ve written for The Huntington News, was a copy editor for Artistry Magazine, and am currently the Beauty Editor for The Avenue Magazine. I love being an editor because I get to work with a bunch of different writers and help them create a piece that they’re proud of.

Another important part of my Northeastern experience so far was the Dialogue of Civilizations program. During my freshman year I realized I really wanted to experience learning abroad. I went on the reporting dialogue in Greece and it was such an amazing experience. We were really functioning as a newsroom, taking in the pace of a new place, and producing stories. To this day it’s some of the best reporting experience I’ve ever had – having to manage language barriers, technology glitches, culture differences, and still get your article done on deadline.