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‘Conversations’ conference: How can the media build bridges to fragmented communities?

Tweeting the story of conference

Compiled by Matt Carroll <@MattCData>

Our country has split into many fragmented communities, with each shouting past the other. So what is the responsibility of the media in creating bridges between these communities, so that civil conversation can replace pointless shouting?

That was the question we asked ourselves when planning our conference “Conversations: New frameworks for public discourse.” The meetup at Northeastern University in Boston, sponsored by the College of Arts, Media & Design, brought together top media experts and academics from around the country, along with more than 150 people, for panels and roundtable discussions. (Full panels, with bios, here.)

These are the results, as seen through the robust Twitter conversation that tracked the panel discussions, as panelists and the audience worked to articulate paths forward. It’s meant to give a taste of what happened, not a with a more complete report coming in a bit.

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