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Students from Prof. Jonathan  Kaufman’s “Covering Campaign 2016” class blanketed New Hampshire as candidates prepared for the caucus interviewing voters, shooting video and photos and reporting on  most of the frontrunners. They covered a Bernie Sanders rally and Hillary Clinton  town hall on Saturday.   On Sunday morning  students  headed two hours north  to Plymouth, New Hampshire to hear Donald Trump and interview voters at his rally  then ended the day crammed into an indoor sports arena in Manchester to hear Marco Rubio. In late January, students travelled to New Hampshire to attend a Kasich rally and met and interviewed the candidate.

     “I am not sure who is going  to win,” said one exhausted  student as the group headed back to campus. “But I think there is a good chance I just saw the next President of the United States.”

Read “Decision 2016: Student Journalists Report from the Field,” in Northeastern News, February 5.

Photo by Marc Nozell, Wikimedia.