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A new exhibition curated by Skylar Borgstrom, a Postgraduate Teaching Fellow in CAMD’s Department of Art + Design, is opening this month on Thursday, September 5. The exhibit, which features female artists, is located at the University of Buffalo, in the Department of Art’s Lower Art Gallery. The show consists of four female artists – Katharine Gaudy, Daesha Devon Harris, Sarah Maple, and Kaitlin Mason – from three different countries working in various mediums, addressing sensitive topics.

As Skylar explained, “the artists and works in this exhibition have been selected because they all address a common theme, the things in society which make us uncomfortable, the things polite conversation eschews. It is a worldwide phenomenon that those with power and wealth are both audible and credible while women and minorities struggle to be heard. To think this is an old conversation not worthy of repeating is a fallacy, proven by daily news streams highlighting the sexist and racist opinions of those in power. Speaking the unspeakable, calling a thing by its true name, attempts to regain some of that power.”

Please find more on the exhibit here. Skylar Borgstrom is a new faculty member, joining Northeastern from Buffalo, New York. She is an artist who works in painting/drawing and sculpture/installation. We look forward to seeing her contributions to our community!