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This fall, Northeastern’s Department of Theatre launches a new combined major with the Department of Communications Studies. Five students have already enrolled in the interdisciplinary degree developed for students who are passionate about the art of theatre and want to integrate a range of practical skills and theories of contemporary communication. The major reflects Northeastern’s commitment to experiential learning and growing focus on “humanics,” a networked approach to human interaction, learning, and discovery.

_MG_7095Combined Theatre-Communications Studies Major Cassandra Moreno explains: “Communications Studies applies many of the techniques we learn in theatre – public speaking, textual analysis, collaboration – in fields such as public relations, media, and politics. Communications also has a huge focus on the way humans interact with each other – which is essentially what theatre majors study in acting classes. I’ve found meaningful connections between my classes in theatre and communication studies. For example, I took a relationships and communication class that was incredibly applicable to scenes in acting class. Knowing I wanted to co-op in fields outside of theatre led me to seek out the combined major. I find that skills I’ve gained in both parts of my combined major have been applicable to my co-ops.”

The theatre department offers students a comprehensive experience in the areas of performance, theatrical design, dramatic literature, theory, and history. In communication studies, the most popular areas of emphasis include strategic communication, digital communication, production and entertainment, and media studies. Northeastern students are invited to combine areas of study tailored to their individual interests.

“Students who want to study and practice theatre but also have interests such as media, politics, or international affairs should consider this combined major,” according to Moreno. “My communications classes have helped me to chart the course for my future career in media and politics, and my theatre courses and productions have given me the hands-on experience necessary to be a great communicator and collaborator.”

To enroll in the Theatre-Communications Studies Combined Major, contact Maegen Bishoff [email protected].