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This spring semester musical artists Maude Latour, New York singer and songwriter whose song “One More Weekend” went viral on TikTok,  and Louis the Child performed in Bedroom Discotheque, a one-of-a-kind concert, sponsored by the Northeastern Live Music Association (LMA) and WRBB Radio. 

After an unanticipated cancelation of their winter show due to COVID-19, the LMA and WRBB was committed to putting together an unforgettable virtual concert for the Northeastern community. “We wanted this to be not just a show, but an experience,” said LMA Vice President Jodi Vuong. 

They created a notable pre-show performance with WRBB DJs PeachFuzz, ClioFleece, and Laura Shrago two hours before the concert starting with bedroom-pop and then shifting over to funky ’90s pop. Fellow WRBB DJ, Burgulurg arrived after and performed a 15-minute set before showcasing Northeastern acapella group Pitch! Please and Revolve, a Northeastern-based hip-hop dance group. Later, there was an interview with Maude Latour before her six-song set beginning with “Shoot and Run.”  The event closed with a much-awaited performance from Louis the Child, a performer known from popular festivals such as Coachella and Lollapalooza. 

Bedroom Discotheque came together a bit differently than previous LMA and WRBB events. “Usually when we’re planning shows, the artists come first. For this we started with the experience we wanted to build and worked backward,” said WRBB’s Marketing Director Paige Ardill. 

The organizers felt confident in both their ability to build the online event and enthusiasm for the concert from the Northeastern student body. “In this concert, we got to create a novel experience, where everyone left having a positive involvement,” added WRBB General Event Manager Andrew Szendrey. 

Looking back on Bedroom Discotheque and other events hosted by Northeastern student organizations,  LMA President Alex Eubanks noted how on-campus groups are a place where students grow and gain knowledge in completely new areas. He remarked, “Students at Northeastern are in a unique place to be able to try out experiences like booking concerts, curating exhibitions, or running their own radio show without being expected to have years of experience. These types of experiences won’t be nearly as accessible post-graduation.”

Moving forward the executive boards for LMA and WRBB would like to incorporate some of the elements and skills they learned while being remote into their in-person programming. In the fall and future semesters, both encourage and welcome new students to become involved in their organizations.