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As the annual South By Southwest festival reaches a huge milestone in celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the SXSW student team decided to round out 30 of their personal favorite artists of the festival and write short bits about what makes them stand out from the rest of the pack. With past success stories including artists such as The White Stripes, John Mayer, Alabama Shakes and M.I.A, be sure to check out our list of favorites before they explode onto the airwaves in the coming years.

Here are 6 more artists that they’re excited about. Make sure to follow the article and playlist below for new artists and songs every day of #NUsxsw.



Location: London, United Kingdon
Genre: Grime / Hip-Hop

Alright, I may need to preface this one.

Grime is a style of rap birthed garage, drum & bass, and dancehall scenes of London during the early 2000s. In comparison to other popular rap styles, Grime is insanely fast. It sticks to a strict 2-step, 4×4 breakbeats, which generally fall around 140 beats per minute. Stylistically, the music features futuristic electronic elements and dark and guttural bass lines borrowed from the house scenes mentioned above. Now, on to Stormzy…..

Stormzy is London-based MC with Ghanaian heritage. He is quoted to have perfected his MC-ing chops by rap battling older kids in the school yard while growing up. Stormzy describes himself as “a child of grime” influenced by the likes of Wiley and Skepta (Grime pioneers), but also cites R&B singers such as Lauryn Hill as influences on his sound. However, he has recently evolved from freestyles to more rap-oriented material with growing appreciation for artists like Drake. He’s unique



Location: Madrid, Spain
Genre: Garage Rock

Hinds is a Spanish indie rock band from Madrid, formed in 2011, consisting of Carlotta Cosials, Ana Perrote, Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen. The original name of the band was Deers, but they were forced to change it at the end of 2014, due to the threat of legal action from a similarly named band. The group chose “Hinds”, the word for female deer, as the new name of the band and officially announced the name change on January 7, 2015. They have released one album and two singles. Their 12-track debut album, Leave Me Alone, was released on January 8, 2016.



Location: Oakland, California
Genre: R&B

Kehlani is an American R&B singer-songwriter who is currently signed to Atlantic Records. Kehlani is originally from Oakland, California where she achieved initial fame as a member of the teen pop group, PopLyfe, which was a finalist on America’s Got Talent. Kehlani grew up in Oakland, California and has described her ethnicity as a mix of “black, white, Native American, and hispanic”. She released her first mixtape, Cloud 19, in 2014. The album was listed among Complex’s 50 Best Albums of 2014. Kehlani’s second mixtape, You Should Be Here, premiered at number 2 on the national R&B charts in 2015 and preceded her sold-out North American tour. Text by Wikipedia.



Location: Athens, Georgia
Genre: Folk Rock

Mothers originally formed in 2013 as the solo project of musician Kristine Leschper. Leschper started making music while she was a student studying printmaking at the Lamar Dodd School of Art. Over the next year, Leschper began to garner a following alongside acclaim in the Georgia music scene. After garnering this attention, Leschper decided to recruit other musicians from Athens to form a full band. In November 2015, Mothers announced plans to release their debut album, When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired, on February 26, 2016. The album will be released on Grand Jury Records and Wichita Recordings. Text by Wikipedia.



Location: London, United Kingdom
Genre: Singer / Songwriter

There’s not much I could find on this guy. His name is Isaac Gracie, he’s playing SXSW and may be from London.

But questions don’t need to be asked after listening to his only release “Last Words”. There is a certain grit about this song that pulls you in. Gracie’s vocals, though recorded in lo-fi almost compressed style rip through the muddy chord progression. It’s simple and that’s why it works. “Last Words” has been gaining steam on Soundcloud for the past few months (almost at 100k stream) However that’s all about to change as radio legend Zane Lowe recently made it his World Record on Beats 1. Do yourself a favor and listen to the song.



Location: Seoul, South Korea
Genre: Singer / Songwriter

Born in New York City, Bobby Choy aka Big Phony, attended the legendary School of Performing Arts and Music and Art where he began to mold his craft. Big Phony delivers honest lyrics and natural talent. There’s a fragile but controlled quality in his voice, which he attributes to thin apartment walls and easily disgruntled neighbors. Fans of Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, and Death Cab For Cutie will instinctively gravitate towards Big Phony’s sound. In 2011 Big Phony made the decision to relocate to the country his parents originally hailed from – South Korea. He currently resides in Seoul, where he continues his journey and commitment to be an artist.

We’re excited to announce that Big Phony will be performing at our inaugural SXSW Northeastern University Alumni Meetup presented by Office of Alumni Relations & College of Arts, Media and Design. The showcase will be held on March, 16th from 2-5 PM at Cedar Door. Click here to register!


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