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In mid-June, Professor Alan Schroeder shared his journalism experience and knowledge with Spanish journalism educators and political professionals in Madrid.

On June 18, Schroeder gave the keynote speech at the annual congress of the Sociedad Española de Periodismo (Society of Spanish Journalism) in Madrid. The title of his address was “Information Diet.” He discussed “…how in our contemporary world serious journalism often gets crowded out by news of a more trivial nature.” The congress was attended by journalism educators from around Spain, and was sponsored by the Universidad Camilo Jose Cela in Madrid.

On June 20, he lectured on television political interviews, also at Universidad Camilo Jose Cela. Schroeder said the audience was a group of political professionals from throughout Latin America and Spain. The group was taking part in a two-week-long course about political communication. He said, “The participants simulated an actual government, taking roles as politicians, journalists, and public relations officials, in order to experience the kinds of problems that arise in government and media. My presentation talked about the mechanics of television interviews, particularly when politicians are involved.”

Professor Schroeder teaches Video Newswriting, Visual Storytelling in Journalism, Journalism Ethics and Issues, and Interpreting the Day’s News.  He is the author of several books including Presidential Debates: 50 Years of High-Risk TV (Columbia University Press, 2008).

Photo: Professor Schroeder at the TV Interview Lecture at Universidad Camilo Jose Cela, Madrid.