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Journalism Professor, John Wihbey co-authored a paper with Mark Coddington, professor at Washington and Lee University, on the need for journalists and journalism educators to understand, interpret and use statistics. The paper, “Knowing the Numbers: Assessing Attitudes among Journalists and Educators about Using and Interpreting Data, Statistics, and Research,” was awarded the “Top Rated Research Paper,” at the 18th International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ), held April 21 and 22 in Austin, Texas. The paper was published in the peer-reviewed ISOJ Journal.

Wihbey and Coddington were panelists on the “Research Panel: Creating, producing, and engaging: Latest Journalism practices underway in newsrooms” held April 21. Other panelists included Karin Assmann and Nicholas Diakopoulos from the University of Maryland; Marcus Funk from Sam Huston State University; and Cindy Royal from Texas State University.

Watch Wihbey’s presentation.