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Photo Courtesy of Ang Li.

Professor Ang Li, School of Architecture, has been awarded a University Design Research Fellowship (UDRF) from Exhibit Columbus, a program of Landmark Columbus Foundation that embodies its mission by being a locally responsive and globally engaged proponent for the design heritage of Columbus. The fellowship recognizes professors of architecture, landscape architecture, and design from American universities who are leaders in their fields – and who will create installations highlighting their research.

The recipients of the University Design Research Fellowships were selected for their ability to tackle specific sets of issues germane to the future of the city and the Mississippi Watershed region, such as sustainability and material reuse, non-human habitat, watershed ecologies, emergent technologies, and migration. The University Design Research Fellows for 2020–2021 are:

Ang Li
Northeastern University, School of Architecture

Ersela Kripa and Stephen Mueller
Texas Tech College of Architecture, El Paso

Derek Hoeferlin
Washington University in St. Louis

Joyce Hwang
University at Buffalo

Jei Jeeyea Kim
Indiana University

Lola Shepherd and Mason White
University of Toronto & Waterloo University

Natalie Yates
Ball State University

Congratulations to all the Fellows; we look forward to seeing how your work unfolds! To learn more about the curatorial theme for Exhibit Columbus 2020-2021, click here.