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Professor Meryl Alper.

Meryl Alper, an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Northeastern, has been selected to deliver the keynote address at +Aprendizajes, an education and technology-focused conference in Montevideo, Uruguay. The conference is being hosted by The Ceibal Foundation, a center dedicated to developing a body of research on the topics of social inclusion, education, and technology, in both a national and international sphere. +Aprendizajes will be held on August 20, and scholars, educators, and experts are encouraged to join and contribute to the debates and discussions.

Professor Alper has conducted research focusing on the social and cultural implications of communication technologies, exploring their role in terms of disability, digital media, mobile communication, and family technology use. Her book on the subject, Giving Voice: Mobile Communication, Disability, and Inequality, was recognized last year by the Association of American Publishers’ PROSE Awards, which honor “the very best in professional and scholarly publishing.” At +Aprendizajes, Professor Alper is looking forward to speaking and continuing to explore some of the key themes and questions that her research addresses.

“I’m excited to discuss two questions that drive my current research agenda,” Professor Alper said. “First, what communicative, expressive, and participatory opportunities does assistive, educational, and digital technology make possible for young people with disabilities? And second, what social inequalities do new technologies (and the institutions that regulate them) exacerbate among this population — along the intersections of socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, and gender? I’m especially eager to be in conversation with educators and technologists from across Latin America and to learn more about the perspectives and experiences that they bring to these issues as well.”

CAMD is excited to be represented internationally; we are eager to hear the unique viewpoint Professor Alper will bring to the conference series.