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Contemporary artist and CAMD Professor Sophia Ainslie, Art + Design, recently completed a mural at Harvard University’s Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center.

Two Northeastern students, Michelle Musili and Alexander Langrock, assisted Professor Ainslie on the large-scale mural drawing. The project site, located at 1350 Massachusetts Avenue, is in the heart of Harvard University’s Cambridge campus, and is a bright and engaging addition to the 10th floor of the building. Professor Ainslie regularly involves Northeastern students in her work, training, guiding, and directing them. View more photos, courtesy of Professor Ainslie, on the CAMD Instagram.

Professor Ainslie is very active in the Boston arts scene (to see some of her recent wall murals, click here). Last fall, she was part of Boston’s annual HUBweek, where “Art, Science and Technology Collide.” For this public art installation, Professor Ainslie and a group of Northeastern students transformed a shipping container by Boston City Hall into a vibrant mural. Read more about her lively contributions to HubWeek here.