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Northeastern professor Sarah Kanouse and performance artist Anna Wexler collaborate on a manifesto writing workshop for the arts-activism popup project, the Social Emergency Response Center. Creative resistance movements past and present have crafted manifestos to express their principles and calls to action, and the current political moment again calls for artists to make their own poetic and performative statements of commitment.

The workshop is created specifically for the Boston Social Emergency Response Center, a pop-up space co-led by activists and artists and spearheaded by the Design Studio for Social Intervention. Join us for two weekends of creative action, healing, collective making, performances and more at the Dorchester Arts Collaborative. Full schedule of events will be posted to Facebook.

Social Emergency Response Center
157 Washington Street
Dorchester, MA 02121

Jan. 27- 29 and Feb. 3-5
Fridays 5 PM-9 PM
Saturdays 12 PM-6 PM
Sundays 12 PM-6 PM