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Sarah Pajouh. Photo by Lindsey Michelle Williams.

CAMD student Sarah Pajouh, Graphic Design and Communications, recently wrapped up her first co-op experience at Social Finance, a nonprofit organization that is committed to mobilizing capital as a way to drive social progress. From the very beginning, this mission has resonated with Sarah, and she was beyond excited to work as a Communications Coordinator and Graphic Designer with a team that was not only passionate about social change, but also willing to take action to improve lives.

During Sarah’s co-op at Social Finance, she had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, encompassing a variety of issue areas. For each project, Sarah’s goal would be making complex information more accessible and understandable to key audiences. The position was the perfect way to for her to pursue her interest in being a socially responsible designer.

“Underscoring all of this work is an emerging approach to graphic design called ethical design,” Sarah explained in a recent blog post about her experience at Social Finance. “There are multiple facets to ethical design, but for me it is about social responsibility with an emphasis on the audience. Design is persuasive and reaches large audiences, so I want to know that the message I am spreading through my work is something that would positively affect society.”

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