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This fall, Northeastern’s Department of Theatre launches a new minor in Professional Presentation in partnership with the Department of Communications Studies. The interdisciplinary minor is for students who want to become more confident, creative, and compelling communicators in their chosen fields – whether it’s business or computer sciences or engineering.

“Today’s professionals need more than tech skills – they must be charismatic leaders able to connect meaningfully with others and engage people at public events,” according to Theatre Chair Scott Edmiston. “Whether you are speaking at a meeting or energizing your team, dynamic presentation skills are essential to success in any career.”

The Professional Presentation minor unites the creative aspects of performance with the business oriented skills associated with communications studies. By selecting four courses from 14 options, including a summer semester in London, students can create an individualized course of study.

“There is a natural connection between our two departments,” says Communications Studies Chair Dale Herbeck. “We believe that every Northeastern student could benefit from learning to improve their voice and speech, cultivate an authentic ‘public’ persona, and develop high impact presentation skills to enhance their career prospects.”

From the Department of Theatre, choose two classes:

THTR 1125 – Improvisation for Entrepreneurs
THTR 1127 – Improvisation for Entrepreneurs Abroad (Dialogue of Civilizations in London)
THTR 1130 – Introduction to Acting
THTR 1135 – Introduction to Acting Abroad (Dialogue of Civilizations in London)
THTR 1160 – The Professional Voice
THTR 1165 – The Professional Voice Abroad (Dialogue of Civilizations in London)
THTR 2345 – Acting for Cameras

From the Department of Communication Studies, choose two classes:

COMM 1112 – Public Speaking
COMM 1113 – Business and Professional Speaking
COMM 2313 – Voice and Articulation
COMM 1210 – Persuasion and Rhetoric
COMM 1511 – Communication and Storytelling
COMM 2402 – Presentation, Style, and Professional Communication
COMM 3450 – Voice-Over Artist

To declare a Professional Presentation Minor, contact CAMD advising at: [email protected] with the following information: name, NUID, and interest in becoming a Professional Presentation minor.