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CAMD Students Secure High Profile Internships at National Media Outlets

Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

The new year is off to an exciting start as CAMD students secure summer internships at national publications across the country.

Tyler Blint-Welsh. Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University.

Tyler Blint-Welsh, a senior studying Journalism, will spend 10 weeks of his summer reporting at the Sports Desk as one of the 28 interns hired by The Washington Post. Joining him at the Post is Graphic and Information Design student, Vanessa Gregorchik. Vanessa, a junior at Northeastern and Executive Director of Scout, will be interning at their Design Desk starting in June. Until then, she will be spending lots of time planning for Scout’s upcoming design conference, Interventions!

Journalism major Eva Maldonado plans to spend her summer in New York City, where she has landed a role working for The Wall Street Journal. There, she’ll join their video team to assist in the production of news analysis and original documentary pieces. Eva is bringing her experience as a full-time Video Co-op at The Boston Globe to her new position, where she worked last spring.

Eva Maldonado at a shoot for Globe Magazine. Photo by Keith Bedford/Globe Staff.

The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Gazette in Colorado Springs has hired Danae Bucci, a junior studying Journalism with minors in Political Communication and Photojournalism. She will complete her internship during the summer months. While still on campus, Danae is currently working on a podcast, Point of Contention, which you can read more about here.

Last, Journalism student and San Francisco Bay Area native Erica Yee is returning home for her summer internship at the San Francisco Chronicle, the second largest newspaper on the West Coast! On top of Journalism, Erica also studies Information Sciences and is in her fourth year at Northeastern. She will join this internship with experience as Boston.Com Editorial Co-op and an Assignment Desk/Strategic Intern for CNBC, among other positions.

Vanessa Gregochik (left) working in Scout’s studio space. Photo by Brandon Farrell.

Congratulations to these hardworking students, as well as the many others who are landing impressive co-ops and challenging themselves in the classroom. They are paving the way for another fantastic year in CAMD! If you are a CAMD student and want to share your news with us, e-mail!