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Photo Courtesy: Red Summit Productions.

Northeastern students Hannah Wong (Communication Studies and Business Administration with a Media Production minor) and Adam Regenstreif (Communication Studies and Media & Screen Studies) spent the last six months working as Production Interns at Red Summit Productions, a production company run by Northeastern University alumnus Mike Krentzman. During their time at Red Summit, Hannah and Adam had the opportunity to work on a documentary that explores children’s perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic – experiencing every part of the documentary filmmaking process remotely. The 24-minute film, which features the stories of fourteen different families across the country, with professional testimony from licensed psychiatrist Dr. Janet Taylor – was recently published. Watch the film here or below.

The video-making process was a valuable learning experience. Hannah and Adam helped send out a nationwide casting call, select families and an expert to interview, organize the iPhone and camera footage that was submitted, create graphics, select music, and ultimately direct and edit the final product. You can read more about the video-making process in this post.

“Video production definitely isn’t an industry that lends itself to remote work,” said Hannah. “I know Adam and I were really disappointed about leaving Manhattan, and there were times when we struggled with morale while working from home. This project completely changed that. It gave us concrete goals, a creative outlet, and something to be excited about every day. I’m proud that Adam and I had control over every part of the process…

Hannah Wong

I’m so grateful that we had the opportunity to create something meaningful during quarantine.

“While we weren’t able to collaborate on set anymore, working remotely enabled Hannah and I to communicate on an even more efficient level. Editing a project between two people can be difficult enough as it is, and we had to share clips, transitions and sequences in real time, over a thousand miles apart,” Adam added.

“It was challenging to co-create a documentary entirely from my laptop. But after watching so many family interviews from across the nation, I realized that it was a story that needed telling.”

Both students came to Red Summit with previous production experience under their belts; Hannah was formerly a camera operator for Howlin’ Husky Productions, where she filmed Northeastern’s athletic events, while Adam had worked as a Video Intern at ALERT, a security research organization based in Boston. Congratulations on this meaningful project!