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Theatre students take a break from studying to smile for the camera!

In honor of Thanksgiving, we asked our CAMD community to share why they are thankful for the arts. Here’s what they had to say:

“I am thankful for the arts because it is the one subject where there is no wrong answer. There are infinite possibilities and there is a place for everyone and everything.”
Willow Leitner, student

“The arts that I have been encompassed with since my childhood, have provided me enough creative inspiration to pursue my own career in design. I hope that at some point, my passion and work within the design world inspires others to eventually pursue a career in arts as well.”
Rob Cattell, student

“I’m thankful for the arts because they give me a chance to really explore who I am and show that to the world. I can really express my authentic self. Not only that, but the arts are an amazing way to affect the lives of others. Arts allow for education, rebellion, laughter, catharsis, healing, and so much more.”
Alyse Clinton, student

“The arts allow people to reflect inwards and find the parts of themselves that are most rich with creativity.”
Desire Bennett, student

“Without the arts, I would not be me!”
Darren Evans, Staff, Department of Theatre

“The arts give me a medium to express and discuss difficult issues through visual representation. Especially in this political climate, art is a great way for people talk about uncomfortable issues.”
Kaya Simmons, student

“I’m thankful for the arts because I couldn’t ask for a better family than the theatre community. More than ever, what the world needs now is love, and I am lucky enough to be surrounded by just that.”
Eva Friedman, student

“The arts helps me connect other people’s souls to mine and communicate what is wrong with the world.”
KC Chopra, student

“I’m grateful for the arts because they provide everyone with a means of expression and connection.”
Emily Kneis, Staff, Office of the Dean

“It provides a safe space to express and begin to understand worldly injustices through self awareness and self expression. It is also beautiful, wonderfully diverse, and just plain fun.”
Lily Meyer, student

“I’m thankful for the arts because it gives me a chance to use my skill as an actor to speak about topics that are important to me.”
Lauren Teixeira, student

“It provides a sense of community and brings people together through mutual creation.”
Julia Benson, student