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This past fall, Associate Professor Cammy Brothers taught a special topics course on Art + Science. Noah Milman, one of her students, wrote an article for NU SCI magazine entitled “Observation in Science and Art.” In the article, Noah makes comparisons between the research process of scientists and the investigative, creative approach of visual artists. Using examples as varied as Albrecht Dürer and Charles Darwin, Noah discusses the similarity between the practitioners in these two fields in how they collect and interpret data, make observations, take notes and reach conclusions.

In her course on this topic, Professor Brothers examines the contemporary perception of these two fields, a perception that considers them unrelated and she presents historical information to demonstrate all that they have in common. Topics include engineering, anatomy, botany, zoology, cartography, perspective and ecology. Students also make weekly trips to the MFA to hone their own observational skills through writing and drawing.

(ARTE 3901.03 Special Topics: The Science of Art,The Art of Science with Dr. Cammy Brothers)