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Thirteen CAMD Students Inducted into the Huntington 100

Hunting 100 reception stage (Photo/Heratch Ekmekjian)

During a combined in-person and virtual ceremony, 13 CAMD students were inducted into the Huntington 100 on Thursday, April 22. Each year, the search committee recognizes 100 students from across Northeastern University’s nine colleges. The program shines a spotlight on the dynamic graduates and undergraduates making major impacts in the areas of research, co-op, athletics, entrepreneurship, community service and leadership.

Benjamin Silvers

Caucasian male in black robes with a red sash performs at keyboard in front of a red screen with a white "N" in the background
Benjamin Silvers performs “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield during Huntington 100 Reception. (Photo Heratch Ekmekjian)

Among the CAMD cohort was Benjamin Silvers, a Music major with minors in Business Administration and Law, and Public Policy. Benjamin’s many accolades include the Compass Award issued by the Office of Alumni Relations and a Trail-Blazer Award presented by the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Using funds from the Trail-Blazer Award, Benjamin spent nine weeks last summer interviewing independent musicians and administering more than 200 surveys. Through ethnographic dialogues, he explored their knowledge of the law as it pertains to entertainment professionals. Following a more conversational methodology, instead of the traditional question-answer format, enabled Benjamin and his subjects to teach one another. His research helped demonstrate the profound lack of information creatives have regarding their intellectual property rights. It has also contributed to his desire to pursue a law degree at Boston University beginning next fall.

Benjamin still doesn’t know who nominated him for the Huntington 100. Regardless, reflecting on all the recent praise, he feels a deep sense of gratitude, remarking, “I’m so passionate about this thing [music and law] and, then, it’s like, you get into it. I still have that passion there, but it’s a lot of work too. So, to get a little pat on the back for everything that I have done and put in all the work for – it is really nice. I am humbled and honored.”

Yael Sheinfeld

Caucasian woman with brown hair smiles at camera.
In addition to her recent internship and Co-Op experiences, Yael worked in Brand Marketing for Eaton Vance Financial Services. (Photo/Yael Sheinfeld)

Benjamin isn’t the only Huntington 100 inductee with multiple recognitions to their name. Communication Studies student Yael Sheinfeld, who also participated in the reception, is also a standout. She received the 2019-2020 Gideon Klein Award. The honor, presented by the Jewish Studies Department, highlights works related to Holocaust remembrance and the arts.

Yael received the award for her producing role on the film “The Children’s Tree of Terezin.” Adapted from a book with the same title, the animated short tells the true story of how caring for a secret maple tree brought hope to the students at the Terezin Concentration Camp. Together, the pieces create a multiprong resource to help kids engage with the past.

Keeping history top of mind is an important endeavor for the soon-to-be graduate. Over the past two years, she has sat on the planning committee for Northeastern’s yearly Holocaust and Genocide Awareness Week. The thread of social justice and politics can also be seen in her work as an intern at the ACLU headquarters in New York and her past role serving as the Communications Director for Massachusetts Representative Jake Aucincloss’s 4th Congressional District campaign. Yael’s future plans include moving to Washington D.C. to kick off her career at the intersection of politics and communications.

Yael and Benjamin are two of the 13 exceptionally talented students chosen to represent CAMD. Speaking of the honor, Dean Elizabeth Hudson said, “The Huntington 100 is highly selective. Students must possess a comprehensive breadth of skills and accomplishments including academic excellence, a record of service and global engagement. I am always so proud of CAMD students’ creative talent and intelligence. And today, I take immense pleasure in seeing the spotlight shine on this remarkable group in front of the entire Northeastern community.”

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