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All That Glitters is Not Gold

Julia Hechtman, Professor of Fundamentals in the School of Art and Design, currently has some of her work on display in Drive-By Projects, an art gallery in Watertown. Hechtman is one of four artists featured in Drive-By’s exhibition entitled All That Glitters is Not Gold. All four artists touch on their own interpretations of the old euphemism.

Hechtman’s work is constructed from the bones of small animals that she collects over time. The pieces are then covered with silver, copper or gold leaf, and reassembled into small, often animal-like sculptures. Hechtman’s work relies on the notion of taking a once living object and turning it into something new that changes the way the viewer looks at the piece.

Drive-By Project is located at 81 Spring Street in Watertown, Massachusetts. Hechtman’s work, as well as the rest of the pieces featured in All That Glitters is Not Gold, will be on display in the gallery until March 11.