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Creative Practice Leadership, MS

The Master of Science in Creative Practice Leadership offers a two-semester, intensive program of training in and exploration of new approaches to leadership in the fields of critical creative practice, cultural entrepreneurship and innovation in the arts and entertainment industries.

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To keep pace with and play a guiding role in the rapid evolution of the creative industries, leaders in the arts and other cultural arenas require an ever greater variety of critical, theoretical, and pioneering, technology-based tools and frameworks to engage in creative practice and entrepreneurship. The MS in Creative Practice Leadership will provide a core critical and theoretical framework—along with a technological foundation—that enables leaders to pivot, reframe, and diverge from established practice in order to react to new opportunities, engage new audiences, and respond to new challenges. Just as importantly, the program will empower leaders to establish, for themselves and their collaborators, a set of ethical and socially responsive principles that will heighten the constructive impact of their work.

The program welcomes both established professionals and recent graduates who aim to become transformational leaders and change agents for a rapidly evolving future, one where the role and impact of creative practice in society and culture will have profound implications for global sustainability and survival, and for meaningful life experience.

The MS in Creative Practice Leadership consists of 32 credit hours.

JD/MS Option

The JD/MS in Creative Practice Leadership is a dual-degree program that offers students a variety of opportunities for real-world, experiential learning at the intersection of law and creative practice. Over the course of four years, the program enrolls students successively in the university’s School of Law and College of Arts, Media and Design. JD/MS candidates must complete the first and last years of the program in the School of Law.

Candidates for the JD/MS program must independently apply and gain admission to the School of Law and the College of Arts, Media and Design. Admission to one school does not ensure admission to the other. Candidates may apply to both schools prior to matriculation at the law school, or students may wait until they are enrolled in the School of Law before seeking admission to the College of Arts, Media and Design. During either the first or second year of law school, students may apply to the MS program during the winter or spring for enrollment the following September. Students enrolled in law school who are interested in pursuing this dual degree should contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs and Professor Kara Swanson, JD/MS faculty advisor, during the fall or winter of their first or second year for further information.

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Interests of Creative Practice Leadership, MS Students

  • arts
  • business
  • creativity
  • entrepreneurship
  • intellectual property
  • leadership
  • marketing
  • music
  • music entrepreneurship
  • music management
  • organizational leadership

Co-op Opportunities

  • Aircraft Music Library
    Boston, MA
  • Harvard Law School
    Cambridge, MA
  • Island Record
    Providence, RI
  • Riptide
    Culver City, CA
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Career Opportunities

  • Multidisciplinary Skills
    • Research and analysis
    • Management
    • Marketing skills
    • Financial skills
    • Business ethics
    • Familiarity with intellectual property regulations
  • Careers of Tomorrow
    • artist manager
    • record label
    • music publisher
    • attorney
    • promoter
    • booking agent
    • social media
    • entrepreneur
    • music licensing
    • music supervision

Program Coordinators:

Antonio Ocampo-Guzman

Associate Professor, Chair of Department of Theatre

[email protected]


Cathy Bright

Graduate Enrollment Manager

[email protected]

Co-op Advisors:

Craig Bettinson, EDM

Co-op Faculty Coordinator

[email protected]

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