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Electrical Engineering and Music with Concentration in Music Technology, BS

This intercollege combined major is designed for students who would like to explore their interest in music technology while earning the benefit of a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering.

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  • Interests

The music industry relies heavily on electronic technology in the production (e.g., electronic musical instruments and performance/recording technology), storage (e.g., mp3 and other file storage formats), and distribution (e.g., streaming services) of music. The program combines the content of two majors to allow students to learn the breadth and depth of the convergence between electrical engineering and music technology.

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Interests of Electrical Engineering and Music with Concentration in Music Technology, BS Students

  • artist and repertoire
  • artist management
  • audio production
  • booking
  • collaboration
  • communication
  • concert production
  • copyright
  • data
  • electrical engineering
  • festivals
  • mixing
  • music industry
  • music journalism
  • public relations
  • recording
  • technology
  • touring
  • video

Co-op Opportunities

  • Live Nation
    Beverly Hills, CA
  • mtheory
    1140 Broadway, NY
  • Nettwerk
    Cambridge, MA
  • Superfly
    381 Park Ave S, NY
  • glassnote records
    770 Lexington Ave, NY
  • Jamspot
    Somerville, MA
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Career Opportunities

  • Multidisciplinary Skills
    • DAW
    • recording
    • ableton
    • protools
    • logic
    • music production
    • recording studio
  • Careers of Tomorrow
    • artist manager
    • record label
    • music publisher
    • attorney
    • promoter
    • booking agent
    • social media
    • music critic
    • music journalist

University Requirements

Electrical Engineering and Music with Concentration in Music Technology, BS Requirements

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Resources for Current Students

Course Catalog

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Department Chair:

Daniel Strong Godfrey

Department Chair, Professor


Kelli Alvarez

Administrative Officer

Academic Advisors:

Jocelyn Faber

Academic Advisor

Greg Zuch

Academic Advisor

Co-op Advisors:

Craig Bettinson, EDM

Co-op Faculty Coordinator

Kellianne Murphy

Senior Faculty Member

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