Ethnomusicology, Minor

The minor in ethnomusicology offers students an expansive understanding of music in its diverse contexts, prioritizing global engagement, culturally-situated knowledge, and community-centered research.

The foundation of the minor is a unique introductory course, Music in Everyday Life (MUSC 1001), which investigates many dimensions of the musical experience and music’s connections to society. Students select in-depth electives that focus on the music of a region or a particular musical genre, the global circulation of music, or music’s relationship to other aspects of the human experience, such as philosophy and aesthetics, identity and culture, society and politics, economics and social justice. The minor culminates in a course that invites students to conduct their own ethnographic research projects.

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Co-op Opportunities

Baeble Music

Brooklyn, NY

World Music/CRASHarts

Cambridge, MA

Blue Note Entertainment 131 W 3rd St, NY

131 W 3rd St, NY

Non-Profit Community Music Organizations

Independent Fieldwork-Based Research

Career Opportunities



Music Education and Performance

User Experience Research

International Aid and Development

Cultural Diplomacy

Human Rights and Advocacy

Documentary Work

Broadcast Media

Arts Administration, Festival Work

Work in Global Music Industries

Curatorial Work

Multidisciplinary Skills

Multi-Media Documentation


Participant Observation


Critical Listening

Public Speaking

Critical Reasoning

Cross-Cultural Knowledge

Persuasive Writing

Research and Analysis