Ethnomusicology, Minor

The minor in ethnomusicology offers students an opportunity to explore music in its cultural contexts.

The foundation of the minor is a unique introductory course, Music in Everyday Life (MUSC 1001), which investigates many dimensions of the musical experience and music’s connections to society. Students take in-depth electives that focus on the music of a region, tradition, global popular trends, etc.  The minor culminates in a course that invites students to conduct their own ethnographic projects in and around Boston.

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Co-op Opportunities

Baeble Music

Brooklyn, NY

World Music/CRASHarts

Cambridge, MA

Blue Note Entertainment 131 W 3rd St, NY

131 W 3rd St, NY

Career Opportunities
Multidisciplinary Skills

Research and analysis

Critical reasoning

Critical listening

Persuasive writing

Public speaking


Cross-cultural knowledge

Learning Outcomes