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Journalism Practice, Minor

Are you interested in getting hands-on experience reporting, writing and editing news stories, and using digital tools to tell tales with more than words? The Journalism Practice Minor provides you with the skills to craft stories while allowing you to specialize in the field(s) of journalism that you enjoy most.

  • Academics
  • Experiences
  • Interests

With the explosion of websites, podcasts and social media, more and more people find themselves using the skills of a journalist in the dissemination of information in both their private and professional lives. This minor is intended for those students who wish to bring more professionalism and sophistication to the things they post online, or hope to offer a skill set that will make them more versatile and employable in their chosen field. It will also serve those who may be considering a career in journalism, but find themselves too late in their college careers to switch majors.

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Interests of Journalism Practice, Minor Students

  • blogging
  • data journalism
  • data visualization
  • design
  • digital media
  • digital storytelling documentary
  • entrepreneurship
  • game design
  • investigative
  • media advocacy
  • media innovation
  • multinedia
  • public relations
  • reporting
  • social media
  • strategic advocacy
  • technology
  • video production
  • writing

Co-op Opportunities

  • Boston Globe
    Boston, MA
  • Reebok
    Canton, MA
  • New Balance
    Boston, MA
  • CBS Television
    52nd Street New York, NY
  • NBC Universal Television
    New York, NY
  • Boston Bruins
    Boston, MA
    Boston, MA
  • 360 Public Relations
    Boston, MA
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Career Opportunities

  • Multidisciplinary Skills
    • writing
    • reporting
    • research and analysis
    • critical thinking
    • visual storytelling
    • social media
    • interviewing skills
    • digital skills
    • shooting and editing
    • production skills
  • Careers of Tomorrow
    • Reporter
    • Public Relations
    • Multimedia Specialist
    • Lawyer
    • Business
    • Documentary Filmmaker
    • Web Producer

Journalism Practice, Minor Requirements

GPA Requirement

2.000 GPA required in the minor

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Resources for Current Students

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Department Chair:

Jonathan Kaufman

Professor, School Director


Susan Conover

Administrative Coordinator

Aleszu Bajak

Academic Advisors:

Valerie Falasca, M.Ed

Academic Advisor

Maegan Bishoff

Academic Advisor

Co-op Advisors:

Michelle Hagopian

Associate Co-op Coordinator

Kellianne Murphy

Senior Faculty Member

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