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Media Advocacy, MS

Strategic Communication for Social Change

Imagine that through one intensive degree program you could master the core skills of persuading an array of audiences to support public policies that would benefit your cause or organization. The MS in Media Advocacy is an interdisciplinary degree focused on the intersection of communication, digital media, law and policy. It is designed to teach strategic advocacy skills and prepare graduates to succeed as resilient, media-empowered citizens in a global society.

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  • Experiences
  • Interests

What are the clearest, crispest and most forceful arguments that can move decisionmakers in your direction?

How can those arguments be best presented in writing, through graphs and charts, in video and on social media?

What legal rules govern your efforts to push your ideas forward?

Uniquely designed through a collaboration between the College of Arts, Media and Design and the School of Law, Northeastern University offers the first-of-its-kind Master of Science in Media Advocacy that incorporates diverse disciplines – including data analytics, information visualization, documentary filmmaking, persuasive rhetoric, and digital media – and the opportunity to specialize in specific areas such as civil rights, environmental policy, experience design and more.

With this interdisciplinary curriculum, graduates will be prepared to directly and indirectly advocate for organizations, ideas and initiatives in a multitude of fields, while also becoming media-empowered citizens in a global, media-driven society. Media Advocacy graduates will be uniquely ready to navigate the new world of strategic communication in which virtually every major organization is seeking professionals able to project the organization’s vision with research-driven strategic communication techniques.

Graduate students in this program will become a part of the dynamic media innovation communities organized around StorybenchThe Scope, NuLawLab and the Center for Law, Innovation and Creativity. A variety of research projects around data storytelling, civic engagement and public policy will offer paid research opportunities.

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Interests of Media Advocacy, MS Students

  • advocacy
  • blogging
  • civil rights
  • data journalism
  • data visualization
  • design
  • digital media
  • digital storytelling documentary
  • entrepreneurship
  • environment
  • game design
  • government agencies
  • health
  • investigative
  • legal
  • media advocacy
  • media innovation
  • multinedia
  • non-profit
  • public relations
  • reporting
  • social media
  • strategic advocacy
  • technology
  • video
  • video production
  • writing

Career Opportunities

  • Multidisciplinary Skills
    • writing
    • reporting
    • research and analysis
    • critical thinking
    • visual storytelling
    • social media
    • interviewing skills
    • digital skills
    • shooting and editing
    • production skills
    • legal design
  • Careers of Tomorrow
    • Reporter
    • Publicist/Press Officer
    • Podcaster
    • Social Media Director
    • Engagement Editor
    • Data Visualizer
    • Documentary Filmmaker
    • Marketing Director
    • Web and Content Producer

Resources for Current Students

Course Catalog

Visit the Registrar website for a course catalog and information on university core requirements.

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Course Plan

The MS in Media Advocacy consists of 32 to 36 credit hours. The program can typically be completed in three or four semesters. Students take 15 credits of required core courses and 17 to 21 elective credits.

Program Coordinators:

John P. Wihbey

Assistant Professor of Journalism and Media Innovation

[email protected]

Department Chair:

Jonathan Kaufman

Professor, School Director

[email protected]


Cathy Bright

Graduate Enrollment Manager

[email protected]

Aleszu Bajak

[email protected]

Co-op Advisors:

Emily Hornsby

Assistant Co-op Coordinator

[email protected]

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