2017-2018 Dean’s Research Fellows: Design for Human Experience

Miso Kim, Assistant Professor, Art + Design

Kristian Kloeckl, Associate Professor, Art + Design and Architecture

Dani Snyder-Young, Assistant Professor, Theatre


This research team is pursuing three distinct investigations that explore human experience in urban space. Miso Kim’s work focuses on dignity and service design. Through collaboration with a nonprofit that provides job training to disadvantaged populations, she is designing a prototype for dignity driven educational services for prison inmates. Kristian Kloeckl’s work focuses on human interactions with the hybrid city. Through observational studies and interviews in parts of Boston with a high concentration of digital networked technologies, he is exploring how today’s urban environments impact everyday human behavior. Dani Snyder-Young’s work focuses on the behavior of audience members at theatrical events dealing with race in America. She is conducting interviews and observations to understand how audience members respond in real time and how they articulate their experiences following the performance, leading to better understanding of how the events are or are not achieving the artists’ goals of political and social intervention. This research team is also organizing a colloquium series to illuminate various domains of human experience while encouraging connections across their individual areas of investigation.