2018-2019 Dean’s Research Fellows: Critical Creative Practice

Cammy Brothers, Associate Professor, Architecture

Derek Curry, Assistant Professor, Art + Design

Psyche Loui, Assistant Professor, Music


Perception, Practice, Creative Work: Insights from Across the Arts

In the Renaissance, figures such as Leonardo da Vinci were the rule, not the exception. It was commonplace to be an artist and a scientist, a painter and an inventor, a sculptor and an engineer. Today, the few people working in this way struggle to find a place within academic institutions that train students and hire faculty according to centuries-old disciplinary boundaries. The 2018-2019 Dean’s Research Fellows in the area of Critical Creative Practice are organizing a symposium that will result in a companion website and potentially a publication based on outcomes. The symposium will bring together people who work across what are typically bounded research areas to probe the role of creativity and practice in the production of knowledge in the sciences and the arts. It will address how different epistemologies, or ‘ways of knowing’, can contribute to a singular body of knowledge that transcends disciplinary understandings.