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Research Projects

Erratics, Mira Cantor

Drawings at Kingston Gallery-

Art of the March, Nathan Felde

Archive of physical, and searchable online digital, collection of posters from the Women’s March, Boston, January 21, 2017 –

Art of the March, Nathan Felde

Collecting and Archiving the Complete Oeuvre of Posters by Julus Friedman –

A People’s Atlas of the Nuclear United States, Sarah Kanouse

A digital public humanities project that documents and interprets the relational geographies of nuclear materials used by the United States military. –

The Archive of Service Storytelling, Miso Kim

A design research project studying the factors and patterns related to people’s
experience of dignity and indignity in donation service, using models of storytelling.

Towards an Ethics of Animation, Gloria Sutton

Public research project with artist Anna Craycroft at the New Museum, New York –

Exhibit at Gallery 360, Julia Hechtman

With works inspired by the landscape found on these international travels, Ms. Hechtman exhibited her recent video work in Gallery 360’s digital project space.

Out of the Box! Art and Science Walk, Ed Andrews

This exhibition of sculptures and environmental installations offers the viewer an intriguing opportunity to view and interact with the art, while also considering the connection between science and artistic expression. Learn more→

Breath and Matter Poet/Sculptor Collaborations Exhibit, Ed Andrews

Each sculptor and each poet has created a new work in response to his or her partner’s art or writing. The exhibit is about the essence of inspiration, which is mysterious, profound, and intimate. Learn more→

Last Touch at Gallery Naga, Sophia Ainslie

Sophia Ainslie, Art and Fundamentals faculty work will be on display at Gallery NAGA.