Thanks to some priest who was beheaded near Rome by the emperor Claudius II for helping couples wed and of course our capitalist culture, us singles can barely leave the house past January 2nd without creepy teddy bears and overpriced chocolate peering down at us from every store shelf reminding us just how alone we are. February 14th brings about moments of fear, self-doubt, and binge-eating.

Instead of trying to hide from the inevitable, this year embrace Valentine’s Day solo.


1. Netflix and chill alone

No need to worry about anyone interrupting your Making a Murderer binge watching session or eating your snacks.


2. Write a love letter…to yourself

You may need multiple pieces of paper.

LipStick Alley

3. Watch a non-romantic movie

We recommend Saw, Chuckie, or Insidious. Because the last thing you need is to watch a RomCom.

Aye Kabiznik

4. Take advantage of all the discounted candy the day after Valentine’s Day

75% off heart-shaped boxes of chocolate? I’ll take seven, please.


5. Throw a Galentine’s Day party

Spend the day with the Ann Perkins to your Leslie Knope, and treat yoself to a mani/pedi and nice bottle of wine.


6. Listen to a V-Day Playlist

Nothing will help you feel like an independent woman more than the All the Single Ladies Spotify playlist.


7. Spend the night with two men: Ben and Jerry

Who needs one man when you could have two?


8. Make an epic Snap Story

The only thing worse than being alone is people knowing that you’re alone. Make a snap story that tells them otherwise.


9. Be your own secret valentine

Send an elaborate gift to yourself at work from ‘A Secret Admirer’ and spend all day telling anyone who listens that you just can’t figure out who it is.


10. Make a Valentine’s Day resolution

Finally delete that one ex’s number and set higher standards for the future.


11. Take your best selfie and make a Tinder profile

There is still hope, so break out the duck lips and put yourself out there.


12. Drink your feelings

You buy your own drinks, you don’t need no man.


13. Kick back and relax in style

Throw on your comfiest sweats, and just feel bad for those who have to wear Spanx and heels tonight.


14. Remember you are awesome

…and you don’t need a man to reassure you of that.

What Would Carrie Say?