Hanley Ramirez, first basemen for the Boston Red Sox, had a more thrilling weekend than a virgin boy at senior prom scoring for the first time.

The Boston Red Sox found themselves in an unsettling scenario Thursday night. Their arch-rival, the New York Yankees, came into Fenway Park for a four-game series with a chance to sweep the Red Sox and move into a tie for first place in the division. With a young, nameless roster, the Yankees were determined to embarrass the Red Sox Nation and remind them of the infamous 1978 Boston Massacre. Imagine the anarchy the city would inflict upon itself if a nameless Yankees roster beat the Red Sox for a share of the division lead?

The Red Sox would not entertain that idea for any game in the series. In fact, the Red Sox came back from a deficit three out of four games in the series, winning all four games and sweeping those damn Yankees. As Hanley Ramirez always says: “Boston Strong.”

Thank you, Hanley Ramirez.

You single-handedly demolished Yankee pitching, effectively ending the Yankees’ hope of winning the division. According to Barstool Sports, in the four-game series, Ramirez hit .563 with a 1.963 OPS, four home runs, a double and nine RBI. Of those four home runs, one of them was a walk-off homer in Thursday night’s game, leaving the city of Boston feeling giddier that night than your 5/10 wingman calling a cab for a solid 8/10 babe, clearly out of his league. Another one of the home runs was a three-run bomb to bring the Red Sox within a run, and another moonshot gave the Red Sox the lead in the bottom of the seventh, which ended up being the game-winner. Both of these home runs were Sunday night, resulting in the Yankees’ funeral, mourning their division hopes and season dreams. After this sweep, they now face the reality of not even making the playoffs.

Shout out to the Yankees fans that showed up to Sunday night’s game. Boston hates you, but they do respect you. It takes guts (or maybe even stupidity) to show up and talk trash throughout the game Sunday night on the verge of your team getting swept, only to watch the end result in a sweep.

Best quote of the night goes to Rob from section 10, row seven, seat seven. When a Yankee fan tried heckling the Red Sox, Rob blurted out “Standings, bitch! We’re better than you today, and we will be better than you the next 10 years!”

The way the Red Sox roster looks with the young, talented core players of David Price, Rick Procello, Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts, Jackie Bradley Jr. and Andrew Benintendi on the current roster; and young prized prospects like Yoan Moncada, Jason Groome, Rafael Devers and Michael Kopech, it’s not hard to argue that the Red Sox could be better than the Yankees over the next 10 years.

Photo: Hanley Ramirez swings at a low pitch at Fenway Park. By Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images.