Under United States Federal Law, the use, possession, sale, cultivation and transportation of marijuana are illegal; marijuana is a Schedule 1 substance. But State Law does not always conform to federal statutes, as is the case in many places regarding Cannabis. While some states still impose federal restrictions, many states, counties and municipalities have their own restrictions on cannabis, either for medicinal or recreational use.

An important distinction to be made is the legalization versus the decriminalization of cannabis. Legalization implies that there is a recreational marijuana industry established, taxed, and sanctioned by the state, where decriminalization means that an offense relating to marijuana is a misdemeanor, not a criminal offense. Under that guidelinestorymapjs-key, all medicinal use is legal, not decriminalized, where recreational use can be decriminalized or legalized. 

This November, Arizona, California, Maine and Massachusetts are all voting on the legalization of the possession and cultivation of marijuana, while Arkansas, Florida and Nevada are voting to legalized marijuana for medicinal use.

Flow through this map to discover the current state of marijuana in our nation, and learn what you need to know for November 8th in your state.