Though it isn’t a whole month into the new year, hundreds of health inspection violations have already been handed down to Boston restaurant owners.

According to the city’s latest Food Establishment Inspection records, 790 violations have been given to restaurant owners as of Jan. 26th. Of those 790 violations, 184 have been Level Three violations–the most serious of a three-level violation assessment. For Level Two offenses, 41 violations were handed out, while 565 offenses were considered level one violations.

The most common Level Threes violations were for “Cold holding,” which had 49 violations. Cold Holding is listed as food being held at an improper temperature. The same violation can be assessed for food held in temperatures that are too warm. This is listed as “Hot holding.” There had been 16 reported cases of hot holding since Jan.1.

The second most frequent level three violation assessed were due to “PIC performance and duties.” This violation has occurred 42 times so far in the month of January and is due to lack of performance among the “person in charge.”

Nico Restaurant, a popular place to eat with an extensive Italian menu in Boston’s North End, has had the most violations in Boston so far this year — 24. However, only two violations were Level Three. Its other violations, which were Level One, were due to maintenance and other smaller issues.

While health inspections for Boston restaurants are open for viewing to the public, those looking to expedite the process of checking out violations committed by restaurants, or learn about failed inspections can simply turn to social media. Twitter account “Bos Food Inspections” (@bosfoodfails) sends out a tweet every time a Boston restaurant fails a health inspection.