A news diary created using Infogram, Excel, and Google sheet

By Jieru Xu

For this news diary project, I used Excel to clean my data. And I used Infogram and Google sheets to make charts and create my data visualizations. The data reflects how I consumed news information over one week from Sept. 26 to Oct. 1.

News to me is new information I can obtain on various news websites. Also, because I think news is related to stories about people and is created by people, I can get information by communicating with people on WeChat, the most popular instant messaging app in China, and by face-to-face communication.

Below shows some information about my mood when I was consuming news during last week.

The chart below shows the percentage of total time spent surfing news websites, using WeChat, and face-to-face communication. News website accounts for 43%, followed by 31% for face to face communication. WeChat is 26% .


Here are two charts explaining how many minutes I spent every day surfing news websites, using WeChat, and talking with people. The second one also shows a “variation” on each day’s news consumption time by adding a red line chart.

Then I analyzed the percentage of time surfing the news website, using WeChat and talking face to face. Here are six pie charts for last week’s six days.

Here’s a breakdown of news I saw on “news websites.” I list seven topics for all the news I read – Economy 200 pieces, Culture 150 pieces, Entertainment 75 pieces, Education 60 pieces, Civic news 55 pieces, Politics 20 pieces and Military 10 pieces.

Here is a picture that tells you the TOP 7 types of “news” information and sources I got from WeChat and FtF communication. At the top is “academic interest,” followed by “food”, “make-up, dress-up”, “clothes”, “boy”, music” and “games.”