King Of Glory Gameplay by Tencent Games (Mobile). Source:

“Multiplayer online battle arena,” or MOBA for short, is a type of video game. In MOBA games, players control a single character in one of the two teams to destroy the opposing team’s main structure by using strategies. The most famous MOBA games are League of Legends and Dota.

The fans of these two games might hold divergent perspectives about which game is better. However, League of Legends has proved itself the most-played and the highest revenue-generating PC game in the world , with about $1.6 billion in revenue in 2016 according to Altay (see  “Tencent’s King of Glory mobile making $435M a month.”)

In November 2015, China’s Tencent’s Timi Studio released a MOBA game called King of Glory (王者荣耀), which is a mobile game. In that important respect, it is different than League of Legends and the other MOBA games, which can only be played on computer devices. King of Glory has taken the No. 1 spot among downloadable mobile games, according to the latest report released by APP Annie, a US-based analysis company (

This is the first time for it, or any other Chinese gaming titles, to take first place among both the Apple store and Google Play downloads, a special feat given Google’s weak presence in China.

So we will use League of Legends as a baseline to compare the relative success of King of Glory. In this article, we will focus how to visualize the data we collected in order to make the comparison clearer and more apparent.

Step 1

First, we want to record the data after we collect it. For this step, we recommend Excel and Google Spreadsheet as the tools. In this project, we collected 10 sets of data for each game. Put the game names into B1 and C1 and put 10 data names into A2 through A11, and then we can insert the data in each cell.*MAU means monthly active users, and DAU means daily active users.

Step 2

After we enter the data, we want to organize the data by categorizing them into groups. By doing this, we can compare the data more specifically. At first, we want to insert an empty column above each group. Right click on the cell that we want to split into a new group, and choose “insert row”. Then we can paste the game names on each new group.

The final data should be looked like this:

Step 3

Our next step is to visualize this data. For different types of data, we want to use different charts. This can be done in both Excel and Google Spreadsheet. But we highly recommend Infogram as the tool to help us visualize our data.

  • Sex ratio

The data of this group is in percentage format, so we want to use something like a pie chart to show the difference. Since we used Infogram as our tool, we can make the chart more intuitive. Search Infogram on Google and register an account, and then open a new page. Click on the Chart icon on the left of the website and choose “add chart.” Then find Pictorial and open it.


Then double click on the sample chart, and we can see the “Edit data” interface. Copy and paste the data set we organized into Google Spreadsheet. Then we should get something like this:

  • Monthly Income

For this data, we want to use a bar chart to visualize it. The difference between League of Legends and King of Glory on monthly income is huge. In order to show the astonishing difference, we don’t want to just simply put them together and compare them. So, we want to put them into two different pages. So we should insert the data like this.


To further show the difference, we could change the color of the bar to make it more obvious. For this step, we can edit the detailed settings in “settings” on the right of the website. Click on “settings” under the “Settings” and choose King of Glory. Find “color” tab and choose the color you think can show the difference. Don’t forget to turn off “use one color” tab.



  • Number users

We will also use a bar chart for this set of data. Follow the same steps we used to visualize monthly income.


  • Game information

For this set of data, we are still going to use bar chart. But we want to put them on the same page so we can compare them more generally and thoroughly. By doing this, we will choose “Grouped” under bar chart.



We can also edit our charts to make it clearer and more attractive by using different tools in Infogram such as “add shape” and “add graphics”. The final version renders like this:



The difficulty we met: 

We will score each on a 1-10 scale, with 1 being “super easy” and 10 being “super difficult”.

Data collection 8

Data cleaning 1-2

Data visualization 5