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College Town: An interview with four Northeastern club sports captains

College Town, a newsletter produced in Fall 2017’s “Digital Storytelling and Social Media” course, spoke with four Northeastern club captains who devote hours on end to the sports they hold so dear – without all the privileges varsity athletes enjoy. They… Continue Reading →

Students’ multimedia projects are published by WGBH News

WGBH News, the online arm of Boston’s largest public media organization, published nine multimedia projects from my Digital Storytelling and Social Media class this past fall. From oyster farming in Wellfleet to activism aimed at assisting immigrants in Greater Boston, Northeastern… Continue Reading →

Massachusetts Sanctuary Cities Worried About Defunding Under Trump

President-elect Donald Trump announced during his campaign that he would block millions of dollars in federal funding to cities that choose to limit coordination with federal law enforcement agencies to deport undocumented residents. Despite this threat, mayors, city administrators and police chiefs… Continue Reading →

Fake News on Facebook: Who is to Blame?

Video produced by Andy Robinson and Sophia Fox-Sowell  

Exploring WeChat in China and the Perils of Big “CTR” Money

I opened a WeChat public account before I came to America. The very first article got nearly 2000 hits, which brought 100 followers. After running my public account for two months, with four articles published per week, I gained another… Continue Reading →

Romancing the Scone: Social Media and the Sexualization of Food

Food and sex. It’s a combination that goes at least as far back as Ancient Greece and the notion of aphrodisiacs. Slang for different anatomical parts and euphemisms for sex frequently involve fruit and vegetables. In English, we say we… Continue Reading →

Harambe’s Code: Take Better Care of Your Kids and Your Animals

Harambe is not just another meme.His death sparked a massive outcry throughout social media, inciting debates about animal rights and the treatment of animals in captivity.Harambe the gorilla lived at the Cincinnati Zoo. This past May, when a child crawled… Continue Reading →

Twitter’s Response to a Year of Controversy from the Texas State Board of Education

This has not been a good year for the Texas State Board of Education when it comes to social media. For those who take interest in education, especially in science or history, the Texas State Board of Education has become… Continue Reading →

DivestNU Rally Tonight

View this post on Instagram DivestNU, a student run organization trying to pressure Northeastern University to take $60 million out of investments in fossil fuel companies, gathered on Centennial Quad Monday morning. They came ready with tents and signs, chanting… Continue Reading →

Tracking the Online and On-field Dynamics of the Yankees’ Gary Sanchez

The phenomenal performance of Gary Sanchez since his Major League breakout year began has had a big buzz around the Internet. His record-setting stats as the best career start ever are as impressive as the 53.8 million people following the stories about… Continue Reading →

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