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Yumeng’s News Diary

Yumeng’s News Diary Sept. 25–Oct. 1  By Yumeng Ren How I consume News in a Typical Day 7:30–8:30 Gmail Newsletters: Boston Globe 20 min/ Washington Post 10 min/ Nieman Lab 10 minPersonal letter 20 min 8:30–10:00 Social media Video Call… Continue Reading →

A news diary created using PikochartBy Yuan TianFor this news diary project, I used Pikochart to clean my data, make charts, and stylize the information. The data reflects my how I consumed news information over one week. 

Using data from books to measure cultural evolution

Books are one of the oldest and best tools at the disposal of the common man who wishes to live a thousand lives, and to fully apprehend foreign times, places, and lifestyles. Through the words in a book, we can… Continue Reading →

The dilemma of writing in a second language

In what’s become a problem in their journalism courses, Chinese graduate students at Northeastern University have found that having English as their second language impacts their ability to correctly transcribe quotes.Emerald Li is non-native English speaker currently in graduate school… Continue Reading →

Digital Storytelling students map their final projects

Students in my Digital Storytelling and Social Media class ended the Fall 2016 semester by publishing final projects comprising text-based stories, photos and videos. They then plotted all of their projects on a Google map. Please have a look at their excellent… Continue Reading →

How Chinese differ from Westerners in oral health

“If the cost of dental treatment is exactly the same as the cost of a car, Chinese patients would buy a car instead of fixing their teeth. But Western patients would definitely choose to save their tooth, even if it… Continue Reading →

Protests Continue As West Roxbury Pipeline Starts Operation

The possibility of a deadly explosion, decreased property values, and disregard for citizen’s rights — they’re all reasons why residents in West Roxbury, Massachusetts, say they oppose a high-pressure gas pipeline in their neighborhood.The five-mile-long West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline, built… Continue Reading →

Will the U.S. Send Chinese Students Back Home After Graduation?

Chinese students are worried about Trump’s H-1B policy.BOSTON — President-elect Donald Trump is cracking down on the issuance of H-1B visas to ensure more jobs are given to Americans. He thinks that there are too many H-1B visas used for… Continue Reading →

Winter Is Coming

La Niña is here and, this winter, Boston might be colder and snowierBOSTON – The consequences of climate change are being felt here in Boston with constant shifts in weather and temperature. That unpredictability has scientists believing in different outcomes… Continue Reading →

Massachusetts Sanctuary Cities Worried About Defunding Under Trump

President-elect Donald Trump announced during his campaign that he would block millions of dollars in federal funding to cities that choose to limit coordination with federal law enforcement agencies to deport undocumented residents. Despite this threat, mayors, city administrators and police chiefs… Continue Reading →

In Video Games, the Devil is in the Details

The city hums with life. The smoke billowing from the brickmakers ovens, the narrow cobblestone streets and even the crooked tombstones in the local cemetery are all small reminders of home. With a button press and push of the joystick,… Continue Reading →

Fake News on Facebook: Who is to Blame?

Video produced by Andy Robinson and Sophia Fox-Sowell  

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