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2016 Fatal School Shootings In U.S.

The United States has a long, troubled history of school shootings and the sad fact is that these tragedies happen almost every month. According to the data, there have already been 39 school shootings, including five fatal school shootings that… Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Kendall Square

 Source: MIT Technology ReviewPhoto Credit: Google Images for reuse

Medford, Massachusetts is Going Green


#MAGA: Using Trump’s Tweets to Explore His Campaign Challenges

Three weeks remain until voters across America head to polling stations on Nov. 8. The race between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has remained close- often too close to call- until recently. Trump’s Twitter account offers… Continue Reading →

The Top 17 Postseason Moments Red Sox Nation Will Never Forget

The best Boston Red Sox postseason moments any fan will never forget in chronological order.1. The Boston Americans Win the World Series

In 1903 the Boston Red Sox win their first World Series with Cy Young and a bunch of guys… Continue Reading →

Diving into the Anatomy of a Grammy Winning Album

The Grammys may not be the most relevant measure of music at the moment, but they remain a vital opportunity for artists to get their names – and albums – out to a wider audience. In a year where hugely successful artists… Continue Reading →

The Development of Bikes Not Bombs

Sports, Concussions, and Social Media: Looking at Reaction Patterns

Lying on his back, dazed and unable to move, Clarke MacArthur found himself in an all too familiar place on Sunday.With the training camps underway in the National Hockey League, the Ottawa Senators forward has already given hockey fans a… Continue Reading →

Depth Perception – A Frame of Reference from a Fish Tank

A Sunday afternoon spent at the New England Aquarium in Boston’s North End – I used to love seeing the animals as a kid. But now as an adult, I find myself constantly monitoring space. The fish tanks are often… Continue Reading →

DivestNU Rally Tonight

View this post on Instagram DivestNU, a student run organization trying to pressure Northeastern University to take $60 million out of investments in fossil fuel companies, gathered on Centennial Quad Monday morning. They came ready with tents and signs, chanting… Continue Reading →

Looking for Blood Donors on Wednesday

City Visitors: Dre, Brooklyn, New York

View this post on Instagram "Do you like this city?" "Well I’ve never come here before, or to Massachusetts… I do come here for him. There’s less people here, it’s chill because they don’t have to be as cautious with… Continue Reading →

Street Pianos Boston

Ken Levine Looks to the Future of Game Design

View this post on Instagram Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with veteran game designer Ken Levine to talk about games, sci-fi and the cyclical nature of oppression. Ken Levine is the creative director at Irrational Games. He's… Continue Reading →

Evening Show for Mid-autumn Festival Yesterday at Ell Hall

The Mid-autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival for family-gathering which is similar to Thanksgiving. The celebration brought a cheerful atmosphere to every student who attended the evening show last night.While some tickets were purchased online, most people brought their NUID and got… Continue Reading →

HUBweek Presents: General Electric and the Future of Innovation in Boston

In the ballroom of the Aloft Boston Seaport Hotel, Linda Pizzuti Henry, managing editor at The Boston Globe, took to the podium to kick off a seminar featuring GE and Harvard University, one of the many events in the Boston HUBweek line-up.Founded… Continue Reading →

Fallen Massachusetts Police Officers Honored at State House

Last Wednesday afternoon at the Massachusetts State House, the annual memorial and roll call was held for Massachusetts police officers fallen in the line of duty. Every year, stories of the lives of officers killed doing their jobs are told… Continue Reading →

Violinist Aisslinn Nosky: a dazzling star at Symphony Hall

Violinist Aisslinn Nosky was the undisputed, dazzling star of Handel and Haydn Society’s season-opening concert on Friday night at Symphony Hall in Boston. At 7:30 p.m. on September 23, conductor Harry Christophers opened Bach Magnificat, the first program of Handel… Continue Reading →

Chen Zuckerberg Initiative——$3 billion donation

On December 1, 2015, alongside the birth of his daughter, Max, Mark Zuckerberg announced he’d donate 99 percent of his Facebook shares to charity. Hoping to create a better world for Max’s generation, Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan created the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative… Continue Reading →

Cyberbullying Leads to Celebrity’s Death in China

Renliang Qiao, a famous young actor in China, was found dead earlier this month. His death was not only woeful for his beloved family, friends and fans, but also a reminder of everlasting cyberbullying.Photo credit:Kate via SkimmedMilkDRAMARumors scattered aroundShanghai Police… Continue Reading →

On the Home Front: Journalism Greats Discuss Power

On Sunday, September 11, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and authors from across the nation made their way to Cambridge, Massachusetts for the Pulitzer Centennial, a celebration of 100 years of award-winning journalism presented by the Nieman Foundation for Journalism.Breaking the hushed… Continue Reading →

MassCann Rallies for Votes on Ballot Question Four

Despite lack of support and myriad roadblocks from the public and city officials, a peaceful rally supporting the legalization of recreational marijuana took place September 17 and 18 at Boston Common.The Common was filled with people, with CBS news reporting that the first day of… Continue Reading →

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