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It’s official, the 90’s are back!

Breaking news is like juice from concentrate – pure, palpable, and addictive. But each additional insight or correction to the story’s medium dilutes the attraction of that initial report. Sure, there may be a resurrection of a sound bite, but… Continue Reading →

Great Barrier Reef: Charting One of Nature’s Great Losses

After Scopes: A History of the Legal Battle Between Evolution and Creationism

The Scopes Monkey Trial was the beginning of a long and difficult fight against creationism. But what about the battles that came after that? What about the battles still being fought today? Let’s go back and see what happened that… Continue Reading →

The Cap on Charter Schools

Take a look at the history behind “The Cap” on charter schools in Massachusetts. 

Breakfast From South to North China

The Top 17 Postseason Moments Red Sox Nation Will Never Forget

The best Boston Red Sox postseason moments any fan will never forget in chronological order.1. The Boston Americans Win the World Series

In 1903 the Boston Red Sox win their first World Series with Cy Young and a bunch of guys… Continue Reading →

A Look Back on David Ortiz’s Final Season

Take a quick month-by-month look at the roller coaster that was the 2016 Boston Red Sox and the emotional end to Big Papi’s career.

How the World Mourned Jose Fernandez’s Death on Social Media

Jose Fernandez was tragically killed in a boating accident on Sept. 25, 2016. Users on social media reacted to the beloved baseball player’s death in a number of different ways.

The Gilded Fest: A combination of music and technology

It was a cold and rainy day. But that didn’t keep people away from The Gilded Fest that took place in Boston. The Gilded Fest is a festival that combines technology and innovation with music. There was a concert and… Continue Reading →

The Gennifer Flowers-Trump moment: What it says about changing media dynamics

On Sept. 24, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeted that he was considering inviting Gennifer Flowers to the first scheduled debate in response to Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton’s campaign inviting Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. If dopey… Continue Reading →

Photo essay: The Amazing Talents of Gilded Fest

Gilded Fest is an extraordinary festival of music, technology and innovation event, which took place at the Lawn On D in Boston on October 1, 2016. Many amazing artists in the different fields gathered around here to celebrate local talent… Continue Reading →

See how artists in Boston brighten a gloomy day

This past rainy week, journalists Yan Wu, Priyanka Ketkar, Shilin Chen and Adam Glanzman set out separately and encountered four different artists in the Boston-area. In the culturally rich city they witnessed the diversity in art the metropolis has to offer first-hand.   … Continue Reading →

The Faces of a City at Work

 Three journalists – Brooks, Alison, and Scott – sought to interact with those who interact with the public. The people pictured here represent the hard-working service workers of Boston. View this post on Instagram Noritza Ramos loves Boston and loves… Continue Reading →

Faces of the Arts in Boston

A pair of Northeastern Graduate student venture into Boston to document some of the up and coming artists that reside there. One, a Industrial Designer at MassArt, the others, pair of volunteers from Berkeley. All three working hard for the… Continue Reading →

What Happens to Your Waste?

Where our garbage comes from, where it used to go, where it’s going now, and thoughts on what the future of waste management might be. 

Photo Essay: The Garden of Peace – a Memorial for Homicide Victims

The Garden of Peace in Boston stands as a symbol of hope and peace for those who have lost loved ones to homicide. Many gather in support of one another, to remember the lives, unjustly, taken. During this ceremony, 39… Continue Reading →

The race for Boston’s safest driver

On Oct. 3, 2016 at the back end of Copley Square, Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh, the Mayor’s office of New Urban Mechanics and the Vision Zero Task Force in partnership with Cambridge Mobile Telematics and the Arbella Insurance Foundation launched ‘Boston’s Safest Driver’ app.

A weird, dark, wet, awesome night looking for bikes

It all started with one flawed idea: walk around taking pictures of people playing sports. Anything would do: from friends throwing a frisbee, to a runner, to a father-son game of catch. The flaw? It rained four days straight in… Continue Reading →

A Brief Exploration of the “Human Animal”: Boston Photo Essay

Leadership and Practice: The Rise of Rams Basketball

Canadian Interuniverstiy Sport (CIS) may not have the same profile as the NCAA, but the northern neighbours compete just as fiercely.

Castle of Our Skins

On Oct. 1, a concert named Castle of Our Skins was held in Boston Public Library.  More than a music performance, Castle of Our Skins celebrated Black culture and artistry through music. Ashleigh Gordon, the Co-Artistic Director and the violist,… Continue Reading →

Quiet Moments in Public – Photography


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