Mother Jones, a story for all generations

In the dark, she speaks. A voice that was strong, powerful and rich with an Irish accent. As the light dissolved into a brighter dim, she turned around in her rocking chair and there she was, Mary Harris Jones or rather Mother Jones; a woman who worked tirelessly for 50 years educating and organizing for the rights of workers and their families.

[…]Kaiulani Lee’s “Can’t Scare Me: The Story of Mother Jones” is an hour and ten minute one-woman show that tells the tale of a woman who spoke out during a time of great injustice for those who could not speak out for themselves and inspired those who could.

“We were excited to collaborate with an Obie award-winning actress on a production highlighting an important figure in our national history,” said Adam Kassim, program coordinator for the Northeastern University Center of the Arts. “Mother Jones blazed new ground and fought for the rights of laborers at a time when unions and women were struggling for recognition. Mother Jones embodies Northeastern’s entrepreneurial spirit.”

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